Psychotherapy is a collaborative and dynamic process between client and therapist that begins with safety and trust. Together we explore thoughts, feelings, and reactions in a positive, confidential, and nonjudgmental environment. I strive to understand each client’s unique story and help them make connections between their past experiences and their present struggles. The deepest and most healing work requires patience, compassion, and vulnerability.

Often there can be a misconception about when and why to pursue therapy. Some think you must be in the darkest time of your life or have exhausted all other resources to resolve your problems before seeking professional help. In a culture of DIY, self help, and quick solutions, this makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, these avenues can lead to more confusion, shame, guilt, and burnout. While some come to therapy for a specific reason or after a significant event, many benefit from therapy as a supportive tool to better understand self, relationships, and integrate new, healthy and adaptive skills for personal growth. My hope is to meet each person where they are now and create realistic goals for long-term positive change.